forex blog 2018

Forex blog 2018

Forex trading is a real chance for financial growth. Speaking in the other words, on this market
money are made from the air. Luckily, today there is a great possibility to choose one of the
current forex strategies of 2018 from bloggers and get connected to this fascinating race for
profit! All the necessary information can be found on PaxForex.
Nowadays, all the latest trends in the development of the market and trading software and the
most current trading systems forex in 2018 at the moment, are:
 Scalping systems
 Price Action System
 Breakdown systems
 Mathematical systems (forex strategies using the averaging and martingale algorithms).
All of these systems are actively used in the real market and bring stable positive results.
In order for you to understand the meaning and algorithm of each of the listed Forex strategies of
2018, we will briefly describe their work and give concrete examples of their use.
Scalping systems
Considering the most profitable strategies of the Forex 2018, first of all it is necessary to note the
scalping strategies that came to the market due to the development of trading software, that is -
trading platforms.
For those who doesn’t know what is the meaning of scalping, the definition is as follows. It’s a
small number of points of profit by concluding deals inside the day. Typically, scalping
transactions have a lifetime of several seconds to several hours. Their number depends on the
strategy, and the quality of the trading conditions of the brokerage company. Namely - on the
size of the spread (it should be minimal), slippage (minimum slippage of the price is required)
and the speed of execution of trading orders of the trader.
Price Action systems are trading strategies using price patterns and price action.
What are the price patterns? This is all known figures that periodically appear on the charts of
quotations (triangle, pennant, moisture, rhombus, etc.) and for a long time, and are successfully
used for trading on the stock exchange.
As for trading with the use of price action - this is a fairly new tactic that analyzes the rate of
change in prices, the length of price jumps and falls, and allows the trader to trade in the
direction of active market movement on the trend. About it you may real a lot in the modern
Forex blogs.
Mathematical trading systems are the most risky and, at the same time, the most common type
of profitable strategies forex in 2018.
Conditionally these systems can be divided into:
 averaging strategies
 martingale strategies.
The strategies of averaging s are the conclusions of several transactions in order to bring the first
loss-making transaction into profit. With the help of averaging, it is much easier to go into profit
than to sell one trade. However, this method is much more dangerous from the classical
approaches of trading. Since, if the market does not turn in the right direction, the loss of the
trader is multiplied by the number of open transactions.

Martingale's strategy is the multiplication of a trading lot by a certain coefficient in order to
obtain profit, the amount of which covers the amount of the previously received loss. The most
dangerous way of trading, which is often used in the Forex market by beginners, however, most
often leads to the loss of trading funds.
Breakdown Forex Systems 2018
These are strategies that use price breakdowns of important levels of support and resistance.
Often, such levels are calculated using the ZigZag indicator or fractals, and price jumps are
captured through the use of deferred stop orders.