Top Forex blogs

Top Forex blogs

As you know, the vast majority of people who are used to rely only on themselves in life, never
mind to take advantage of the opportunities for additional earnings. One of such opportunities,
which will help to earn money, is the implementation of operations on the international financial
market Forex.
Of course, many people have heard about this, but very few people understand how it is possible
to work and earn it on it. Moreover, some people, even very clever ones, and well-informed
people, are skeptical about earning money on it. Nevertheless, in reality, earnings on forex can
be very decent, and for many experienced traders is the main source of income.
People, who decided to take up operations on Forex, are interested into the strategy of its use a
lot. Responding to it, experts advise, first of all, to clearly understand for themselves what does
this market represents, at the expense of what and how traders make profit on it, how is carried
out the financing of transactions and so on. It is also necessary to find out the meaning of those
specialized terms that are used, it is necessary to pay attention to acquaintance with the
economies of those countries whose currencies participate in the trades. Their courses are quite
influenced by various political events, and how this happens is also necessary to find out and
So, there are a lot of questions that arise for the beginning Forex market traders. In order to get
answers on these questions, it's easier and better to turn to blogs where you can find a lot of
useful information.
Forex Magnates was created in 2009, and today on the financial market it is one of the largest
specialized news portals. It is rich informative resource, where everybody can find a lot of the
daily author's analytical materials. It makes no big problem to find here reports on market
development from various regions of the world. Also there are a low of the reset news and the
latest trends in the financial industry.
Regular interviews and reports of financial regulators are collected here in the one place, so it’s
easy to reach an information when it’s necessary.
Forex Factory is Forex forum, which is the most famous and visited nowadays.
On Forex Factory that’s easy to find concrete information, which the user needs. Dishonest
brokers have no chance to mislead their customers because wide audience of the site is its
protection. This forum has another very interesting feature, which is the high self-organization of
the audience's core.
FXStreet is more an analytical resource than blog, but still it is full of the useful information.
Here can ne fund daily technical review and also analysis of trading instruments, and a lot of the
related information. It is the place, where are assembled all technical tools online.
The forex broker works round the clock. This means that you will be able to earn at any time
worthily, having properly thought out the strategy. Track the dollar, ruble, euro and other
currencies, analyze the most relevant financial news. Use the charts of courses on the Forex
market and create your trading strategy!

Forex Peace Army is a source, which on the first sight can look a bit uncomfortable to use. But
still it’s full of useful information on the topic, so I’s recommended not to avoid it in use for
successful trade. The undoubted advantage is the availability of descriptions of more than 750
brokerage companies.

forex blog 2018

Forex blog 2018

Forex trading is a real chance for financial growth. Speaking in the other words, on this market
money are made from the air. Luckily, today there is a great possibility to choose one of the
current forex strategies of 2018 from bloggers and get connected to this fascinating race for
profit! All the necessary information can be found on PaxForex.
Nowadays, all the latest trends in the development of the market and trading software and the
most current trading systems forex in 2018 at the moment, are:
 Scalping systems
 Price Action System
 Breakdown systems
 Mathematical systems (forex strategies using the averaging and martingale algorithms).
All of these systems are actively used in the real market and bring stable positive results.
In order for you to understand the meaning and algorithm of each of the listed Forex strategies of
2018, we will briefly describe their work and give concrete examples of their use.
Scalping systems
Considering the most profitable strategies of the Forex 2018, first of all it is necessary to note the
scalping strategies that came to the market due to the development of trading software, that is -
trading platforms.
For those who doesn’t know what is the meaning of scalping, the definition is as follows. It’s a
small number of points of profit by concluding deals inside the day. Typically, scalping
transactions have a lifetime of several seconds to several hours. Their number depends on the
strategy, and the quality of the trading conditions of the brokerage company. Namely - on the
size of the spread (it should be minimal), slippage (minimum slippage of the price is required)
and the speed of execution of trading orders of the trader.
Price Action systems are trading strategies using price patterns and price action.
What are the price patterns? This is all known figures that periodically appear on the charts of
quotations (triangle, pennant, moisture, rhombus, etc.) and for a long time, and are successfully
used for trading on the stock exchange.
As for trading with the use of price action - this is a fairly new tactic that analyzes the rate of
change in prices, the length of price jumps and falls, and allows the trader to trade in the
direction of active market movement on the trend. About it you may real a lot in the modern
Forex blogs.
Mathematical trading systems are the most risky and, at the same time, the most common type
of profitable strategies forex in 2018.
Conditionally these systems can be divided into:
 averaging strategies
 martingale strategies.
The strategies of averaging s are the conclusions of several transactions in order to bring the first
loss-making transaction into profit. With the help of averaging, it is much easier to go into profit
than to sell one trade. However, this method is much more dangerous from the classical
approaches of trading. Since, if the market does not turn in the right direction, the loss of the
trader is multiplied by the number of open transactions.

Martingale's strategy is the multiplication of a trading lot by a certain coefficient in order to
obtain profit, the amount of which covers the amount of the previously received loss. The most
dangerous way of trading, which is often used in the Forex market by beginners, however, most
often leads to the loss of trading funds.
Breakdown Forex Systems 2018
These are strategies that use price breakdowns of important levels of support and resistance.
Often, such levels are calculated using the ZigZag indicator or fractals, and price jumps are
captured through the use of deferred stop orders.

forex blog paxforex

Forex blog & currency trading news


Forex blog PaxForex

Why work with PaxForex?
Trading in the foreign exchange market requires responsibility and experience from the trader.
But everything does not depend on him. There are factors that determine further work,
productivity and success. It is important to work with a professional team of specialists who will
provide reliable tools, a trading platform and other quality services. You can get acquainted with
the information on theForex blog PaxForex and make a choice in favor of the famous
company. Employees are focused on providing opportunities to earn money, taking into account
fair conditions.
Trading in financial markets is associated with risk, losses. Before you begin to trade a novice
financier should familiarize himself with the rules and nuances. ThePaxForex currency broker
will help you understand the complex business. You just need to start and test your skills in
practice. All conditions are created for this. There is a modern popular MetaTrader 4 platform
with a large number of indicators, advisers and currency pairs. Secure connection ensures the
safety of your data and financial resources. Customers from all over the world leave a lot of
positive feedback, which confirms the stability, professionalism of the company.
Services of financial broker PaxForex
The company takes a leading place in its field, provides the best trading conditions. You can start
trading with a small amount, ten dollars. Specially created different types of accounts, so that
trading was available to many participants.Forex blog PaxForex details the topic, affects
interests. Here you can learn a lot of useful and chat with other traders. The broker provides:
 Platform MT4. Simple infused interface. A large number of indicators, experts, advisers,
different settings.
 Instant execution.
 Trading accounts: Cent, Mini, Standard, VIP.
 Deposits from $ 10.
 Trading in shares, futures, currency, bitcoins.
 Convenient account replenishment.
 Demo version.
 Bonus program.
 Quick withdrawal of funds.
You must register and select an account. On all questions, friendly technical support will always
answer, which works around the clock. Money transfer is done automatically, you do not have to
wait long. The company has the lowest spreads and swaps. This helps to get comfortable in
business without losses.
What opportunities does trading in Forex provide?
With the advent of high-speed Internet and new technologies, traders have a better chance of
success. A huge opportunity opens theForex blog PaxForex for its new customers. Trade with
the best brokers will help to fulfill the wishes of financial well-being. The foreign exchange
market can turn anyone into a wealthy person. What can the forex give:
 Financial independence.
 Minimal investment, the receipt of excess profits.
 Build a work schedule at will. The market is available every day 24 hours, except for
 A little time.

 You control the size of your salary yourself. Depends on the attachments. The
international currency market is a continuous source of income for large banks,
corporations and private investors. There are always buyers and sellers, the financial
turnover of money exceeds other markets.
There are a number of operations with which you can make it easier. You can choose an
automatic way of trading with the help of special tools, robots. Still there is a way, to entrust the
account to the professional trader who can increase profit. The Forex market gives a lot of
opportunities for the development of their own business. Take advantage of the unique offer to
change life for the better.



Forex trading blog

Forex trading blog

The question how to start earning on Forex immediately arises every time, when there is a talk
about possibility to earn really big money only by investing and trading.
After all, Forex at the moment is the most accessible and profitable source, and the reason for
this is the maximum leverage - 1:500, and even 1:1000 and the fantastic possibilities of the trader
How to trade with profit?
The question "How to make money on Forex" is main for every trader, and the answer to it is
quite complicated. In order to become a successful trader, you will need, first of all, sometime
and personal practical experience of trading. Not unimportant is the knowledge of the
fundamentals of the movement of exchange rates, namely the factors that affect the price of the
currency. Also there is one more possibility today – to look on the experience of other traders
and to use their strategies to reach the aim. Nowadays there are a lot of the Forex trading blogs,
with the help of which it is possible to get a lot of the useful information. For example, every
volunteer can get what he needs in PaxForex blog.
Everyone can earn money on forex, but for some reason most of the beginning traders on the
contrary leave their money on the currency exchange, and the main reason for this is incorrectly
chosen trading strategy. To avoid these mistakes, it’s useful to read blogs and to know about all
the problematic cases beforehand.
How to start earning on Forex?
In all blogs an information is rather common, so it’s highly recommended to follow all the
1. Getting Started. The first thing to start is to choose a broker, which will allow you to earn
money at Forex, while paying attention not only to attractive trading conditions, but also
to the stability of the trading terminal and the peculiarities of triggering pending and stop
orders. The most acceptable option is if the orders are triggered at the first touch, and not
when the price stabilizes at this level. Such properties are possessed by InstaForex
broker, in addition, there is an opportunity to earn on Forex even with small amounts of
funds using cent accounts, and in general it is quite reliable company. When opening an
account, do not forget about the bonuses that you receive when you replenish it and
immediately choose their size, the maximum you can get in this case is up to 40% of the
replenishment amount.
2. Technical moments - after registration you download and install a trading platform on
your computer, the best option is Metatrader 4, it is easy to use and there are many
different indicators and advisors to it.
3. Trading system. The most important step is to choose a trading strategy. Do not rush into
scalping immediately, because this is the main mistake of beginning traders. Trading on
scalping is a rather complicated strategy and requires certain skills. The simplest and at
the same time the most effective is simple trade in the trend, to implement it, you need to
install one of the trend indicators in the trading terminal, which will show not only the
direction of the price movement, but also the strength of the dominant trend.
4. Profit fixing. If to look on the behave of the casino players, it can be seen that they often
increase their rate instead of picking up the profit, so do not repeat their mistakes. For
example, if at from deposit of $ 1000 you managed to earn 100 from one transaction,
immediately take the profit, and do not increase the volume of trade. Your account
should always have about the same amount. Such advices are numerous in the blogposts,
so don’t miss an opportunity to learn this before start.